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Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

Téléchargée : 6 fois
Taille : 45 013 K
64 slots
Version : Final/Stable Final

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Description de la map :

Map Title : MP_INV
Map Version : FINAL
Orginal creator : NEUSATZ (ex Miregrobar)
E-mail :
Mappers Website :
FB fan page :
Date : 12.09.2012.


Map is MIP protected. The Map Integrity Program is a small code that checks your map iwd size(value) that
is generated by the game engine and then compares it to the value the mapper has
entered into the code. If the values are different (iwi's or mp3 files changed) then
the code will abort the map.
Map loadscreen is clean without any clan or sites logos. Only MIP protected logo is on loadscreen!

Update log:

This is LITE final version.
Map is fixed and now work with heavy models mods like ow2 and bsf mod (bsf have 105 custom xmodels and 226 custom materials).
Many small unimportant xmodels are removed, decals are now non coliding. Also i add new animated trees.

Game : Call of Duty 4

Supported Gametype
: Deathmatch
: Team Deathmatch
: Domination (3 flags)
: Search and Destroy
: Head Quarters
: Sabotage

Map Size : Medium

Mod tested Ok :Works fine with OW2 and BSF mod on linux server (bsf have 105 custom xmodels and 226 custom materials).

Contents of this Package :

Installation Instructions:

Place the mp_inv folder within your USERMAPS folder
Credits/Thanks :

-Infinity Ward for providing the tools/assets.
-CaptCom for his bench prefab.
-CoDUtility and CaptCom for upload space and help for CoD community.
-HolyMoly for MIP script.
-To my =SC= clan, and all BSF server players for testing my maps and mods.
-Whole CoD community for help and support! ;-)
Additional Notes :

All original and composed textures or assets in this modification remain property of
the sources respective owners.
Reporting problems:

Please report any problem you find:

Liste des fichiers présent dans le zip :

README.txt 2 Ko
mp_inv.ff 38 177 K
mp_inv.iwd 6 833 Ko
mp_inv_load.ff 1 Ko