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A Dream (ShortMod)

Téléchargée : 14 fois
Taille : 23 323 K
1 slots
Version : Final/Stable 1.1

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Description de la map :

Note: This map pack is finished with a working game_end, if you are stuck use this for help.

I do not wish to add any spoilers to this, so instead of telling you how to do pass every obstacle
in this map pack, I will instead hand you some very handy tips indeed:

1. Monsters. If you get attacked by monsters and you have no weapons, search for alternative ways
to kill them. Anything from a pool of acid to electric beams *hint hint* will do. Note:
some cinematic related monsters are not supposed to be killed anyway.

2. Always run around! If you can't seem to trigger an event or find what to do next, try clicking
every button and running into every corridor, sometimes triggers may be slightly hard to find.

3. Crates!! When theres a pushable crate, there is a purpose to it. Either for a secret or to progress
further on in the mission.

4. Breakable crates!! sometimes you'll be able to break a crate to find a special item!

5. Lambda symbols: These mark the secrets, the fuller the symbol the closer you are to the secret
item reward. You may need to do more than just finding the secret to get to the reward!

6. THE ELEVATOR OF DOOM! well it's not really an elevator of doom, but you might get stuck on this.
The objective you have in this elevator room is to get into one of those locked rooms via a vent,
but whats this? The vent has a pool of acid inside it, you will need to find a way to not touch it
*hint hint*, try finding a create to push INSIDE the vent INFRONT of you, the box will land in
the acid pool and you wont touch the acid!


Liste des fichiers présent dans le zip :

help.txt 1 Ko
liblist.gam 1 Ko
skill.cfg 3 Ko
comp28m1.bsp 10 778 K
comp28m2.bsp 8 000 Ko
comp28m3.bsp 611 Ko
agrunt.mdl 360 Ko
agrunt01.mdl 32 Ko
garg.mdl 1 386 Ko
headcrab.mdl 123 Ko
houndeye.mdl 238 Ko
islave.mdl 259 Ko
islave01.mdl 62 Ko
islave02.mdl 14 Ko
roach.mdl 6 Ko
NewGameDialog.res 3 Ko
800_1_a_loading.tga 196 Ko
800_1_b_loading.tga 196 Ko
800_1_c_loading.tga 196 Ko
800_1_d_loading.tga 24 Ko
800_2_a_loading.tga 196 Ko
800_2_b_loading.tga 196 Ko
800_2_c_loading.tga 196 Ko
800_2_d_loading.tga 24 Ko
800_3_a_loading.tga 67 Ko
800_3_b_loading.tga 67 Ko
800_3_c_loading.tga 67 Ko
800_3_d_loading.tga 8 Ko